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Private Investigation

 $85 per hour plus mileage at .55 per mile, or $700 per day (8 hrs). Domestic relations surveillance, fraud and insurance surveillance, and infidelity checks. Includes standard photography, digital photography, digital video (HD, DV, Hi-8, or DVD), background investigation of the subject, and detail reports of all events. We require a minimum advance retainer payment of $500 prior to starting all surveillance assignments (approximately 5 hours of surveillance). Authorization required prior to exceeding initial retainer amount.

Undercover Business Investigations

$85 per hour plus mileage or $700 per day    (8 hrs). Frequently involves investigating employee situations where theft, harassment, or other situations may exist.  Retainer amount required.

$85 per hour for video surveillance plus mileage or $700 per day (8 hrs). Generally includes divorce and marriage issues and may include proof of affair and video documentation and court papers. Retainer required. Authorization required prior to exceeding initial retainer amount.

Domestic Relations

$45 Per hour in-office plus reports. We use proprietary databases for most locates. Verification of exact address and phone are essential to the process. Price depends on difficulty. Mileage may apply for on-site verifications. Retainer amount required.


$45 per hour in-office plus reports. If assignment requires surveillance, an additional charge of $95 per hour plus mileage at .55 cents per mile. Frequently requires fieldwork and interviewing of possible associates. The investigation can be extensive and prices may vary. Other expenses may apply. Retainer amount required.


Documents: $85 - $125 Per Serve (multiple documents ok on same party)
Proof of Service: Free

(client responsible for filing)
Mileage: Included if less than 20 miles total; otherwise .55 cents per mile
Attempts to Serve: 3
Advance payment in full required.
Notary: Free
Skip Tracing: Available


$45 per hour in-office plus reports. Price depends on depth of background check and the number of states and counties involved. Includes criminal history and civil records. Retainer required.

Background Checks
Process of Service
Missing Persons


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